Residential building

A house located on the Costa Brava in a forest full of rocks. A promoter with enthusiasm for traditional architecture. Modern materials. The result is a reinforced concrete building with brick and stone arches, rustic farm windows and a very unique pool.

Buildings of 1864

Three twin buildings in Barcelona's Eixample. The foundations on the remains of the wall. Walls with arches that allowed the communication to the builders. Secret passages Stairs about to fall. Hidden frescoes. More than five years of activity to revive a building damaged over the years.

Energy audit/assessment

Direction (together with Carles Barberà) of a team of students of the URV for, in a university-company agreement, the realization of the energy audit of a secondary school and professional modules, in Reus.

Library (contest)

Team led by Josep Maria Girós, with Fernando Álvarez, David Moncusí and Alfons Civit, for the presentation of a project to the National Diet Library competition in Japan, in Nara.

Columbarium (contest)

Contest for the construction on the campus of Leioa in the Basque Country, of a columbarium that collects the remains of the people who had given their bodies to Science.