High Speed

The participation in this project of Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura International Partnership consisted of the collaboration in the project of the high speed station of Bologna (Italy), and the intervention in the modification of the protections of the void vertical spaces, and in the configuration of the Kiss & Ride space of arrival / exit by vehicle.


Participation in the work team dedicated to the project of architecture of the New Terminal Area Between Tracks (NATEP) of the Airport of Barcelona, ​​for Bofill Architecture. The tasks carried out consist mainly of the coordination in vertical (through sections) and in the project of the elements located at the end of the terminal (nowadays disappeared).

Landscape studies

Studies for landscape assessment and integration.

For the implantation of a horse breeding center, for the conversion of a bark plant in a composting center, or for the recovery of a historical path (the three cases share contact for the client (NODE) ​​and some details of implantation, being in the same region and landscaping unit)

Studies about bike lane

Study on the implantation of a lane-bike system in Reus. Direction (together with Carles Barberà) of the activity carried out in agreement CityCouncil-University, by students of the of Architecture Faculty of the Rovira i Virgili University and presented at the 2017 International Bike Congress.