Stone-to-stone analysis

Buildings and elements that need to be recovered without receiving any damage, and of which you must record your status. Mainly through the LFT of the UPC, and with close-range photogrammetry, for the knowledge of monasteries, walls, churches, villages, castles, for the last 3,000 years.

Intervention in buildings

Many of our buildings are part of a protected and / or cataloged heritage for which special sensitivity, prior analysis and respectful intervention are required not only with aesthetics but also with the quality of materials and avoiding the possibility of damages to what is already there.

Analysis of territories

A proposal for intervention in a patrimonial building implies knowing and, if applicable, intervening also in its environment, or in those spaces that historically have been related to the built building. It is also surprising that the beginnings during student periods are now back to in-depth research work with the availability of new tools.