Urban planning

Plans for the growth of companies, for the implementation of activities in non-urban land, or for the regularization of urbanizations already made.

Individually, in collaboration or in dependence, with Arquiwork Catalonia, Inma de Josemaría, Karin Hofert, Moisés Martínez-Lapeña.

Urban planning

New knowledge based on teaching activities and contests, with new challenges and new learning. Individually, or with Carles Rubio, Féliz Durán, Carlota Socías, Inma de Josemaría, Moisés Martínez-Lapeña, ...

Analysis and assessment

The tasks of analysis of territorial projects opens new possibilities to architects' offices that need an environmental assessment or a study of landscape impact, made by someone who speaks their language and that comes from the same school. Evaluations and reports are used in our own projects, as well as in other types of work (especially judicial or engineering), or as a complement to projects of other offices (mainly Node)