Alfons Civit,
m.architect, m. environmental law, postgraduated in strategic environmental assessment
member 30358-5 of the architects' official association of catalonia
member of the group of architects at the service of the public administrations and the group of mastery forensic architects experts and mediators

Who we are

A cluster of specialists in architecture, environment, urban planning, landscape, legal sciences, administration and management of properties, real estate services, engineering.

What we do

Architectural projects (both new and rehabilitation works). Architectural documents (certificates, expert and/or forensic reports, inspections, habitability, energy efficiency, publications, communication). Territorial works (urban planning, urbanization, landscape, environmental assessments, mapping). Specials (restoration of historical heritage, tailored training, management of built heritage, cloud management of real estate information)


How we do

"it is necessary to know what surrounds oneself, and to love it; the spaces, their aspect, the relation with the other spaces, their composition, their people   *  much more: the building, the climate, geomorphology, botanic, fauna  -  the manners to live it and to see it  -  the knowledges obtained: technical aspects, scientific, artistic, historical, philosophical, juridical, economic...  -  the work and the job, day in day out, in work and in teaching  - with the contact to the different fields of work and the different collaborators and advisers" (Alfons Civit, 2003)

with technical and material quality, and respect for the options and possibilities of each client and of each project

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Connected Construction

We have participated as members of the Governance Group of the Connect & Construct group, an initiative of the European Commission to integrate all the aspects of building and real estate management in the cloud.
From this link, registered people can access the information of their estates, with their documentation and projects.,

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